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Our Company

Best Technology. Helpful & Honest Agents. Five-Star Service.

As a full-service real estate brokerage company representing clients worldwide in the sale and acquisition of residential properties in the Miami area, EstateFox appreciates that the individuals we work with have worked hard to get to this point in their lives and deserve a great real estate experience. Whether you are looking to place a property on the market or to purchase your next home, your basic priorities are the same -- that your specific needs are understood and your desired result is accomplished.

We succeed by bringing you success, and we strive to be the best at it.

Our strategy for this is threefold:

Technology: Information is power.

Buying or selling a property in Miami can be overwhelming. Our job is to take the work out of it for you, delivering the best results with the least amount of effort on your part.

At EstateFox, we have developed an automated system to sort through the thousands of properties available to buyers, identifying those that best meet your needs. This targeted approach gives you an edge over other buyers, as you are the first to be exposed to good opportunities. Sellers benefit from high-tech, innovative marketing techniques that assure that your property receives maximum exposure to potential buyers and is presented in the best possible light.

Our technology is developed by Owner & Principal Broker Marc Knight, a well-regarded graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Agents: Great people, great results.

To us, an “agent” isn't someone with a card, a key, and an agenda. An agent is your personal advocate, equipped with the knowledge, resources, discretion and integrity that you deserve.

As a buyer, your potential properties will be showcased to you by an agent who has an intimate knowledge of all of the areas you may be considering, as well as those you may not have considered, that may be a good match for you. Even if you are new to the Miami area, you will be guaranteed a real understanding of all the options available to you.

As a seller, your agent will walk you through every step of your property sale. From the beginning, your agent will work with you to create a customized marketing plan that reflects your unique needs and goals and outlines how best to showcase your home. A highly individualized approach with continuous feedback assures you of a sale executed within your timeframe, under the best terms and at the highest price point the market can deliver.

Service: You are our central focus.

We are in this business because we are passionate about connecting people to the best life has to offer, whether that means finding your dream home or obtaining maximum value for your sale. This means respecting your time, your price point, your personality, and your goals. It's why we have worked hard to implement unique technology and hire agents with something extra to offer. Delivering a quality experience to our clients is our bottom line.