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North Beach

Live away from busy roads, swamped beaches, and tourists, but still live as though you are on permanent vacation. The Northern most part of Miami Beach is called North Beach --  25 blocks made up of year-round residents with a laid-back vibe. North Beach is a vibrant mixture of retail, restaurant, entertainment, and residential spaces. The community is full of Latin influence, with many Argentinians and Brazilians calling the neighborhood home. The slow-paced island lifestyle is ideal for the beach lover who wants to live comfortably close to the water, without the congestion of touristy Miami beaches.  

What People Like
  • latin flair
  • casual dining
  • family firiendly
  • quiet beaches
Who Lives Here?
  • families with kids
  • native miamians
  • retirees
  • boaters
  • beach lovers
The Properties
  • oceanfront condos
  • waterfront homes
  • low-rise lofts
  • contemporary homes

On the Map

North Beach is within Miami Beach

Transit Times

Miami Airport: 30 minutes by car

South Beach: 25 minutes by car

Downtown Miami: 25 minutes by car

Around The Town

Cars On Street
Women Walking
Couple Walking

Take a walk and make a pit stop at the weekly Farmer’s market. Grab a fresh juice and some ingredients for a great meal.

Organic Fruits

If you don't want to cook, you can dine out at one of the many North Beach bistros.

Man At Organic Market
Las Vacas Gordas

Full-Time Beach Bum

North Beach

Soak up the sun while the kids play.

Kids Riding Bikes
Kids In Water

Arrive by foot or car. Parking isn’t hard to find.

Family On Beach

Everyone is welcome in this friendly place.

Guy In Sand
Guy On Bike

Keep It Moving

Woman Running

Go for a jog on the boardwalk.

Woman With Stroller
North Shore Park

Or visit one of the many inside and outdoor facilities for some exercise and family fun.

Soccer Field

Swimming pools, fields, courts, and youth centers.

Men Playing Tennis
Kids Walking

Seaside Dwellings

Aqua Allison Island
Canyon Ranch

Colorful condos border the water while hidden modern mansions sweep the streets.

6555 Pinetree

North Beach has developed into a neighborhood with an array of architctural styles, from Art Deco, Spanish, and contemporary residenecs.

Cars In Front Of Home
Kid On Scooter